Bundled Wind Power Project in Rajasthan by Orange Renewable Power Private Limited

Project Overview

  • Universal Project Number (UPN) 09BB2C70
  • Project Name Bundled Wind Power Project in Rajasthan by Orange Renewable Power Private Limited
  • Description The project activity is a 59.4 MW (39.9MW in Bhesada & 19.5 MW in Dolat) bundled wind power project consisting of 32 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs). The project is promoted by Orange Renewable Power Private Limited & Orange Jaisalmer Wind Energy Private Limited of which the “Orange Renewable Power Private Limited” is the representative of promoter of this bundled project. The purpose of the project activity is to generate clean electricity with utilization of wind energy. The first project in the current bundle project is a 39.9 MW Wind power project near village Bhesada, close to the city of Jaisalmer in state of Rajasthan, hereafter call “Project 1”. It is developed by “Orange Jaisalmer Wind Energy Private Limited” (OJWEPL). It consists of 19 machines of 2.1 MW class Suzlon S88 make. The other project in the bundle is 19.5 MW wind Power Project located near village Dalot, close to the city of Pratapgarh in state of Rajasthan, here after called “Project 2”. It is developed by “Orange Renewable Power Private Limited” (ORPPL). It consists of 13 machines of 1.5 MW class ReGen V82 make.
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  • Location Rajasthan, India (26°38'52"N 71°33'23"E)

Program Participation

  • Registry Assigned Project ID 1465
  • GHG Reduction Program Verified Carbon Standard
  • Project Type Energy industries (renewable - / non-renewable sources)
  • Methodologies Used ACM0002
  • Project Status Verified
  • Crediting Period Begin Mar 31 2013
  • Crediting Period End  
  • Program Participation Data Source: Verified Carbon Standard
  • Registry data last updated on Oct 08 2021

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2013 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 1243795C62
2014 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 12430D6D67
2015 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 124025E566
2016 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 1243171CC9
2017 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 1243171CD8
2018 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 12430EA807
2019 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 12430EA834
2020 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 12430EA825
Vintage Program Credit Symbol/EIN
2021 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 12413D65B9
2022 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 124B513FD0
2023 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 1248F03577

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