Cikel Brazilian Amazon REDD APD Project – Avoiding Planned Deforestation

Project Overview

  • Universal Project Number (UPN) 0993D9A2
  • Project Name Cikel Brazilian Amazon REDD APD Project – Avoiding Planned Deforestation
  • Description The CIKEL Brazilian Amazon REDD APD Project aims to avoid emissions from planned deforestation on a property in Paragominas Municipality, Para state, Brazil. The main activity of the CIKEL Brazilian Amazon REDD APD Project is the cancelation of the planned deforestation activities and decision to instead conserve the forest area and continue limited forest management activities in the area under Forest Stewardship Council® Certification (FSC®) with Low Impact Logging (SFMLIL) practices. Also, the company is intensifying and improving its practices to support the sustainable social development, maintaining and improving the biodiversity monitoring at the RCC in the framework of FCS certification and REDD activities. The RCC property includes five forest areas: Rio Capim, Poty, Cauaxi, Sumal and Caculé, totaling 209,130.54 ha. The project area is a subset of the RCC property and covers an area of 27,434.9 ha of native forest. The project will avoid 9,432,299 tCO2 that would have been
  • Rating  
  • Location Para, Brazil (3°36'33"S 48°35'40"W)

Program Participation

  • Registry Assigned Project ID 832
  • GHG Reduction Program Verified Carbon Standard
  • Project Type Agriculture Forestry and Other Land Use
  • Methodologies Used  
  • Project Status Verified
  • Crediting Period Begin Jul 19 2007
  • Crediting Period End  
  • Program Participation Data Source: Verified Carbon Standard
  • Registry data last updated on May 27 2024

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