Teesta- V Hydro Power project in Sikkim

Project Overview

  • Universal Project Number (UPN) 0992E0A2
  • Project Name Teesta- V Hydro Power project in Sikkim
  • Description The implementing agency for the project is National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Limited (henceforth referred as NHPC) which is a Government of India enterprise. The Teesta HE project - Stage V is a run of the river scheme and will be producing 2572.67 MU of energy that will be absorbed into the Eastern region, connected to the NEWNE grid. Stage V of the Teesta river project has installed a capacity of 510 MW (3×170 MW turbines). The power house is located near Singtam (about 4 km upstream of the confluence of Rongnichu with Teesta). The dependable discharge available throughout the year has been assessed as 60 cumecs and gross head available is 216.73 m; installed capacity of 510 MW. The project consists of concrete gravity dam across river Teesta with a 15 km long head race tunnel and an underground power housing three generating units of 170 MW capacity each. The energy generation at 90% dependable year and 95% machine availability is 2572.67 million kWh.
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  • Location Sikkim, India (27°15'0"N 88°27'30"E)

Program Participation

  • Registry Assigned Project ID 766
  • GHG Reduction Program Verified Carbon Standard
  • Project Type Energy industries (renewable - / non-renewable sources)
  • Methodologies Used ACM0002
  • Project Status Verified
  • Crediting Period Begin Apr 01 2008
  • Crediting Period End  
  • Program Participation Data Source: Verified Carbon Standard
  • Registry data last updated on Oct 08 2021

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