Bundled Wind Power Project in Tamilnadu, India, Co-ordinated by Tamilnadu Spinning Mills Association(TASMA-II)

Project Overview

  • Universal Project Number (UPN) 098A8593
  • Project Name Bundled Wind Power Project in Tamilnadu, India, Co-ordinated by Tamilnadu Spinning Mills Association(TASMA-II)
  • Description The project activity is a grouped Wind power project in Tamil Nadu, India, co-ordinated by Tamil Nadu Spinning Mills Association (referred as TASMA II). The intent of the Project Activity is to meet the power requirements of small and medium scale industries using the electricity generated from the Wind Turbines and thus reduce GHG emission and promote sustainable development. The project is an unique effort(a similar project by same PP is already registered as CDM project - ref no.0991) to bring together a number of investors with small power requirements to invest into wind turbines. In the absence of the project activity, the equivalent amount of electricity would have been generated by the power plants connected with the southern grid, India which is predominantly based on fossil fuel.
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  • Location Tamilnadu, India (11°8'8"N 77°18'28"E)

Program Participation

  • Registry Assigned Project ID 249
  • GHG Reduction Program Verified Carbon Standard
  • Project Type Energy industries (renewable - / non-renewable sources)
  • Methodologies Used ACM0002
  • Project Status Verified
  • Crediting Period Begin Sep 01 2006
  • Crediting Period End  
  • Program Participation Data Source: Verified Carbon Standard
  • Registry data last updated on Oct 08 2021

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Vintage Program Credit Symbol/EIN
2006 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 1246371FB4
2007 Verified Carbon Standard NAVCU 1246A07AE3
2007 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 1246371FA5
2008 Verified Carbon Standard NAVCU 1247F7EDF6
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2009 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 1246371FC3
2010 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 1246557434
2011 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 1246557425
2012 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 1246557452
Vintage Program Credit Symbol/EIN
2013 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 1246371FF0
2014 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 124A04CD82
2015 Verified Carbon Standard VCU 124B6A02B3

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